Soonfeed is evolving into a community of live content followers and creators. We call them soonfeeders.

JOIN happenings

From Periscope and Facebook Live streams to live blogs and tweet chats, live content is all over the web. That's because we all like to be there when important things happen, especially when our friends are there with us.

When you discover a soonfeed happening you're interested in, click “Join” for an email or calendar alert when it starts, share with friends and influence the happening before it goes live. Soonfeed Joiners are journalists, marketers and activists who want to interact with live content as it happens, instead of hearing about it from others.

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Create happenings

Announce the online moments you want your audience to join. Start a conversation around the happenings you care about and then gather a crowd in realtime, no matter where it’s happening.

It might be any live content that you’re hosting or attending. You live stream a concert for 5 minutes. Your fave TV series goes online. A hashmob starts on Twitter. Soonfeed lets you gather, engage and influence the crowd as it happens.

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If you’re a marketer, community manager or promoting an event, take your audience to the future with a soonfeed of live content on your website.

Be a soonfeed PUBLISHER

Embed the free widget to drive social shares, site traffic and SEO around an upcoming event or theme. Announce your own live content or curate happenings by others in your soonfeed, so you can promote or influence content before it happens, and then gather a crowd as it's happening live.

We also curate and promote soonfeeds for customers who don't have time to do it themselves. Contact us to discover how a soonfeed of happenings can add real value to your event, campaign or community.


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  • Add as many happenings as you want
  • Custom widgets and advanced insights
  • Curated soonfeeds on any theme or event
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