Welcome to Soonfeed Stories, a service that helps you tell a story before it’s misunderstood, ignored or hijacked by others. Soonfeed is an independent media that exists to tell the truth early and often.

The moment you decide to publish content, launch a campaign or host an event, you’re faced with the dilemma of when to tell the world about it. Like most media and marketing professionals, you might spend days, weeks or months quietly perfecting a communications strategy before you go live. But then an opportunity to tell your story will be lost forever.

I call that opportunity “beforetime”.

Beforetime is the period between conception and launch of a communication action, a time when stories can be designed, tested and improved with feedback from small, segmented audiences. Beforetime is when communication stories find their feet before taking on the world.

A Soonfeed Story seizes this opportunity for you. We develop your beforetime strategy, story content and iteration process, while the Soonfeed community helps to amplify and control your messages on social media. We drive traffic, engagement and positive sentiment to your story earlier, building the numbers and momentum you need to go live with confidence.

Tell me about your story before it’s too late, and I’ll show you how Soonfeed can help.

Richard Medic
Founder of Soonfeed Media
@Soonfeed @SoonfeedEU