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It's the first timeline of scheduled happenings online. Click "Join" for an alert as the happening starts.

Publishers, embed the soonfeed widget on your website to announce scheduled content beforetime, so your audience can be there when it happens in realtime.

Journalists and marketers, now you can be there as it happens online. Sign up to discover and get an alert to live streams, live blogs, live tweets, and more.

What's a soonfeed?

A soonfeed is a timeline of scheduled happenings online. Publishers embed the soonfeed widget on their website, and then announce their content as "happenings" beforetime to gather a crowd in realtime.

Users discover happenings on the soonfeed, and then click "Join" to get an email or calendar alert that takes them to the landing page as it happens.

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A soonfeed links users to live content but does not host the content. It's a simple timeline that displays headlines of happenings from the future, just as a Twitter timeline displays tweets from the past.

Publishers, embed the soonfeed widget on your website.

Tell a story around your happenings beforetime
Gather a crowd by sending alerts in realtime
Boost website traffic, conversions and SEO
Build a community around your soonfeed

Journalists and marketers, "Join" a happening online.

Discover online content before it happens.
Influence the conversation beforetime
Join a happening for an alert as it happens.
Speak to your audience in realtime

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